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j.husu art & design                   

Inspired by nature, designs and create j. husu products for the public sektor and private enviroments with a scandinavian design led by simpliciti and balance. The clean design of natural materials and minimalistic shapes arouse curiosity.

Rost is an art form which lives its own life. It is changeable in the structures and variations of color while the stainless steel represents  smoothners and a lightgrey spektra of colors. Together with the shapes and lines of the products, opposites and balance are created.

Curiosity and questionmarks arouses since the  minimalism open up opportunites for own interpretations. Depending on the context, the product can allow different kinds  of associations, which is a part of the idea in j.husus concept: to let the products continue to be created melted into its environment and in the eye of the viewer.

Designer  Jarkko Husu

j.husu art & design

Hallagård 2, Fryele

331 96 Värnamo